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tv   Action News Weekend 6P  ABC  June 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sunday night city officials and religious leaders head to rome to firm up plans for the
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pope's visit to philadelphia. >> neighbors and a rescue crews jump into action as a man drives into the cooper river. >> the big story on "action news" is the search for aman who opened fire on a party in west philadelphia. >> "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live at penn presbyterian with full details. >> reporter: walter, and sarah three of the victims were children, they were released from chop today in total 8 victims were released two adults, however remain here at penn presbyterian hospital. we are told they are stabilized, but receiving treatment today. saturday night just before 10:00 p.m., at 41st and ogden as neighbors cleans up from a block fire shots rang out. >> they arrived at the corner
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of 41 and ogden they firedment first shot and came ten yards east and fired a second shot. >> reporter: pellets sprayed a crowd of 50 injured a 10, 11 and 1-year-old. two men fled on foot. many who were injured fled the scene for safety and brought themselves to the hospital. the hot gun pellets used in the crowd are meant to be used by hunters. >> the bird pellets have nine to 11 shots inside the cartridge. sunday afternoon many of the victims returned to the neighborhood where marked patrol cars stayed in the area of the shooting. police are urging witnesses to call the anonymous tip line. reminding them how close it was for the youngest victim. >> that pelt could have killed that -- pellet could have killed that child for no reason other
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than a fight. >> reporter: police say this is an on going investigation, of course if you have any information, you are under to contact 215-546-tips. -- 215685 tip also. we have breaking news to pass along in north philadelphia where a highrise is on fire. you're looking live from temple university. a half-hour ago firefighters were called out at the philadelphia housing authority buildings at 24th and jefferson. the smoke an fire are coming from the 10th floor. firefighters say they got the fire under control. details coming up as we get are more information. >> a 90-year-old man was seriously injured when his car was hit by a train this afternoon in delaware county. it happened at 2:30 in the 100 block of east brookhaven road in upper providence. the man was trapped in the car and had to be extricated.
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the line was suspended and passengers bussed to their destination. police in collingswood made a daring rescue after a driver lost control of the car and plunged into the cooper river. around 8:00 a.m. angela was at the window of his home plunge into the water. he called police who rescued the man and rushed him to a local hospital. no word on his condition. the philadelphia delegation for the world meeting of families is on its way to rome tonight to make final perceptions for the pope's visit this coming september. it's the second trip to the vatican for the dell indication, the first time they want it was to invite pope francis to philadelphia an invitation he since accepted. david henry is live at the airport with the details. >> reporter: walter that dell indication of 40 people will be leaving here in 25 minutes heading to rome for high-level
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planning sessions. the pope arrives september 25th. everyone involved at this event is working hard to make sure we are ready. mayor nutter and arch bishop charles chaput are heading up the delegation. as many as as 15,000 delegates will attend the congress of families at the convention center. three days later the pope arrives to celebrate mass. that's expected to draw upwards of 2 million people to the parkway. >> no doubt about it, there will be inconveniences, life will change for citizens of philadelphia in terms of moving about the city as we get closer to the pope's arrival. such a massive undertaking requires expensive planning. the city's biggest concern will be creating a safe environment not only for the pope, but the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected. >> we need to make sure we're
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prepared for the people they are drinking water and taking rests and in good and decent shape for the time they will be here. it's a big event we want to prepare well for it. >> reporter: the secret service has been to rome to meet with security personnel at the vatican and the italian government. the city administrators are going on this trip to map strategy and logistics. >> most people never have a chance to travel to rome and for him to come to us is a huge deal and huge blessing. >> reporter: and planning is well underway, so many details need to be worked out at face-to-face meetings in the week ahead in rome. live at the airport david henry, channel 6 "action news." walter? >> thank you david. as the delegates from the archdiocese and the city of philadelphia and the world meeting of family travel to
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rome, brian taff is going along as well. look for his reports from rome and follow his trip and get the latest updates about the pope's upcoming visit by following @ 6abc pope on twitter. ame church in charleston, south carolina held it's first service today since the killing of nine church members. church bells across charleston, south carolina rang in solidarity as the service began. the pews were packed with members and visitors who held hands and hugged. acting past tore said the nine who died gave their blood in the interest of justice for all. >> some of us have been down right angry. but through it all god has sustained us. there's a time and place for everything. and now is the time for us to focus on the nine families.
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>> goeff thanked the world for the cards and e-mails. worshipers in philadelphia kept parishners at mother emanuel in their prayers. at mount onon is south philadelphia, the congregation joined hands and sang we shall overcome. members of philadelphia in bustleton and society hill dedicated their prayers to their sister church. here the church was filled with members from other congregations to show their support. saints thomas ame in yoamp -- overbrook parishners lit candle to honor the shooting victims
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and said prayers for the families and all of charleston, south carolina. >> moving on to the south carolina forecast, it was shot and sticky today. the good news tomorrow will be better. the bad news it won't be much better. melissa magee is outside with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: hi there walter. the heat is on, in philadelphia we are coming in at 90 degrees, when you factor in the humidity feels like the spots across the i-95 corridor are in the lower 90s and upper 80s. current heat index is 94. beach haven 92. so summer is officially here. the summer solstice started at 12:30. it's the shortest night but the longest day with the sunset at 8:33 p.m. a couple of changes on the way tonight, storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing you we were tracking a weak cold front off to the north and west this will dip to the south as we get
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into tonight. an isolated shower and thunderstorm is on the way. the good news in the wake of that cold front it's less humid but it's hot. we'll let you know how high the numbers go coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. we'll send it back inside to you walter. >> before heading outdoors check out the storm tracker 6 live app in you will find the updated forecast for your hourly location and the hourly forecast for more insites be sure to follow a team of meteorologist on facebook and twitter. >> there's much more to come on "action news," if you're going to be outside today, this is the way to do it. we'll show you a speedy way to cool down. >> also a community comes together to make sure the son of a local police officer killed in the line of duty has a birthday to remember. the phillies put a player on the mound who never pitched in the majors. jeff skeverski has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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>> thousands scroindz in -- joined in a father's day tradition joining in the gary pappa run in a fight for prostate cancer. >> reporter: despite the wet weather organizers say five thousand runners and walkers came out today to celebrate father's day and honor the memory of our former sports director foreign gary pappa. jack irwin is proud to be a cancer survivor. he is running the 5k encouraging men to be pro active. >> i had a kidney stone and we did a psa test and we wound up with cancer in my prostate. >> reporter: according to the foundation for breast and pro state health one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
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one of of the men is joe madle man. he lost his battle with prostate cancer two weeks ago his wife walked in memory. >> my mother named my husband the sure cure, 16 years ago when he was diagnosed he wanted to buy a boat and she gave him that name. it's been perfect. >> reporter: 6abc sports director gary pappa lost his battle with prostate cancer before father's day in 2009. his window i have kathy proud -- his wife kathy proud carries on it is mission. >> the mission is to get the word out for every man to get tested. every year it become also more and more evident we're being successful. >> reporter: our fundraising efforts are not over, donate at gary pappa i'm thrilled to report we have exceeded our funds raising goal
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of $250,000. in eakens oval, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> delaware county's residents came together to throw a birthday for whose father a philadelphia police officer was killed in the line of duty back in march. the action cam was in upper darby as volunteers set up the party for robert wilson iv which is turn 2, the boy's father was shot and killed during a robbery in north philadelphia in march. local businesses donated everything to make the party possible for little robert.
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trying to avoid it again today. the phillies games have resembled the score of slow pitched softball games. it's a happy father's day finale against the cardinals. second inning, hernandez playing for chase you you utley. adam morgan and his major league debut. 6 strikeouts, he allows one run and makes poppa very proud. the phils get two more in the 5th. franco one of his three hits today, an rbi double. 300 homer phils score a season-high nine runs, everything going their way even the fanatic gets a souvenir.
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morgan wins his major league debut. the worst stretch in team history is history. >> i can't put it into words right now. just trying to soak it all in right now and hope that i get another opportunity but a lot of people don't get this opportunity, so i'm very, very grateful. >> he was given the opportunity and really stepped up, really showed maturity out there and under control. that was the most impressive part of it. >> reporter: cole hamels cleaned out his locker as a prank, he is still a philly and plans to pitch wednesday against the yankees. he missed his last start from it night with a -- fry night with a hamstring injury. chip kelly in the first round, jordon matthews will get
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more looks and don't forget miles austin, the eagles signed him to a one year deal. he is trying to catch lightning in a bottle after injuries slowed down his production for the last few years even though he is a vernon the team he is leaning on the young guys. >> a lot of those guys are where i was at my first or second year. i think they know what they are doing, if i say anything, maybe i'll drop a little line on them one way or another. we're kind of all leaning on each other, which is important. >> reporter: there's a four way tie atop the leaderboard coming into play, jordon his first hole. borachek awarded the best
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czech republic player in the world, he gets a trophy and bunny love from the mascots. >> he is getting hugged or mugged. >> i hope he still has his wallet. weather next on "action news." >> melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. it was a hot and hazy day down the jersey shore but perfect weather to cool off with a ride in the speedboat. this is the offshore grand prix.
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giving spectators a close up view of the action. time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee it was hot and sticky today. >> reporter: yes, very hot for dad. >> a lot of hair spray. >> reporter: at least it wasn't a washout. >> thank you she missed her cue. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing it's dry and quiet no issues with precipitation after we were tracking the tropical moisture in the overnight hours you look off to the north and west there's a cold front pressing to the south and east as we go through the rest of the night. most spots stay dry. we'll show you the picture outside, the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon giving you a gorgeous shot of the center city skyline on this sunday for this father's day, we would plenty of sunshine in the wake of a cloudy and humid start. in philadelphia, hot and steamy,
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91 degrees, average is 84. the first day of summer we're definitely overachieving. current i in philadelphia, coming in at 90 degrees, when you factor in the winds, feels like 93 in the city. 88 in millville. 86 along the coast. poconos 76. here's satellite and radar a broken line of some light activity with showers and thunderstorms popping up across central pennsylvania, also some activity across upstate new york. unless a cold front that will dip to the south and east throughout the rest of the night. isolated shower or thunderstorm is likely, but the cold front is going to divide the humidity across the region. so for our set up back to work on monday, it should read still hot high temperatures of 91 degrees, it will be punching into drier air from the north that will work southward. here's the big difference. later on this evening future tracker 6 with the dewpoint showing you dewpoint numbers in the upper 60s and lower 70s.
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as i advance this monday morning, midday dewpoints in the lower 60s and up youer 50s a touch of humidity overhead, but much-improved in comparison to what we're dealing with currently. call from accuweather the rest of the night. stray isolated thunderstorm, sticky, dropping down to 66 in the suburbs, 73 in philadelphia. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, for monday, hot and turning less humid high temperature up to 91. the summer sizzle is on on tuesday, high of 94 degrees, a stray shower or thunderstorm is likely by tuesday afternoon, tuesday night on wednesday it's not as hot. philadelphia union at home. 87. thursday sunshine to clouds, high of 84 we have the parade of sails the tall shims parade down the delaware river. looks like the thunderstorm will hold off west of the city for that event. friday cloudy, rain possible,
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78. 78 next saturday getting cool and shot of wet weather sunday guys, high of 83. heat is on tomorrow and tuesday. >> abc's "world news" sunday is next on channel 6. don't miss "action news" a10:00 p.m. on phl17 and we're back here on 6abc at 11:00 p.m. now for melissa magee sarah bloomquist, jeff skeverski, and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez. we'll see you back here at 11:00 p.m.
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welcome to "world news tonight." deadly church shooting. mother emanuel's doors open again for a day of healing and hope. the overflow crowds. the officers on guard. and tonight, that accused killer. did he try to take his own life inside that church basement? flag furor. calls growing louder for the confederate flag to come down. flying at south carolina's capitol. a symbol of slavery, or a piece of history? the debate now stretching all the way to the campaign trail. closing in. the search heating up in the hunt for those two escaped killers. callers reporting possible sightings. >> have a confirmed track of two individuals. need


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